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The subject of alcoholic beverages is so extensive como as the universe itself, but suffice to understand a little of the basic processes and raw material that is used to powerturn in this wonderful world.

By learning a little more about these drinks you will begin to appreciate them and understand that there is behind every liquid you drink, you may not like them, however, you can make an objective criticism.

In the end, it's general culture!

All the information in is a compilation that exists online, books and personal experiences, which is here IT IS NOT ALL THE TRUTH. everything is relative, always feel free to investigate more about any topic and of course I will be open to read you.

Once, a person wrote to me that the only thing that was on the news pages of could easily be found on the web, yes, it is true ... my answer was: "all the math books say that 2 x 2 = 4. "This page is a hobby, where you can find information that goes to the grain, I try to explain in a simple, easy and accessible way the information about these topics ...

If you want to collaborate with tickets with pleasure I will make a section for guests, let's share!

Greetings ... DRINK AND COUNT ME!

Eduardo Cuenca

The Habanos
What are habanos? It is the name given to those cigars or "cigars" made in its entirety [...]
What is tea? What we call tea is basically the infusion of leaves, stems and young buds from a [...]
What is coffee? It is a widely known and prepared drink in almost all the world. Called by many as [...]
Japanese whiskey
What is Japanese Whiskey? We speak of a liquor of great category and acceptance worldwide, that in the [...]
What is Cognac?
What is Cognac? Cognac, also commonly known as cognac due to its pronunciation in Spanish; is a[...]
What is Mezcal?
What is Mezcal? It is a drink native to Mexico, specifically Oaxaca. The mezcal is made from the [...]
What is Vermouth? The vermouth is considered an aperitif liqueur made with wormwood and other aromatic plants, tonic and [...]
What is Beer?
What is Beer? Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular alcoholic drinks you can find in [...]
What is Brandy?
What is Brandy? Brandy is an alcoholic beverage made mainly from grape skins, that is, you get [...]
What is Ron?
What is Ron? Rum is a liquor that is obtained through fermentation, distillation and aging of [...]
What is Vodka?
What is Vodka? Vodka is nothing more and nothing less than the most popular spirit drink and a [...]
What is Bourbon?
What is Bourbon? It is a type of whiskey originating in the United States. This brandy is made with base [...]
What is Tequila?
What is Tequila? We are talking about the native alcoholic beverage of Mexico, widely recognized worldwide and consumed [...]
What is Geneva?
What is Geneva? The gin (also known as gin in English) is a brandy that is obtained through the [...]
What is Wine?
What is wine? Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by the aging and fermentation of [...]

Hello, how are you? My name is Eduardo, just like you, I like to know, learn and try any type of drink, I hope you find a relaxed and different space that gives you what you want. I read you in the comments!

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